About Willow Haven Wellness 


A willow tree blowing in the breeze: It’s an image that evokes a children’s storybook or a lazy summer afternoon. This enchanting picture belies the lessons to be learned from the willow tree, though: find strength in your roots, and bend, don’t break.  


We can learn to embrace this same flexibility in life when we’re in a safe place, a haven. From there, positive change and a deeper understanding of oneself can emerge.


Welcome to Willow Haven Wellness, your place to discover a new way of being. 

Meet Tina


Tina Green is a certified Rolfer™ and licensed massage therapist. She is a graduate of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, Colorado and licensed by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).  Prenatal and postpartum massage and labor support certified by the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies and Kate Jordan’s Bodywork for the Childbearing Years. 


While at The Rolf Institute, Tina realized that many of us are disconnected from the one tool we have for life: the body. Too often we start to accept discomfort and pain as normal. But experiencing dis-ease in the body can lead to disease. When the body is free to move and express itself without pain, the mind and spirit are free as well.


Learning about the body made Tina especially interested in the prenatal cycle. When a woman is pregnant, one body is now responsible for two. As a prenatal massage practitioner, Tina’s main goal is to listen to and understand the needs of the mother. Every mother’s pregnancy is beautiful and unique, and Tina aims to support each mother’s physical and emotional experience.


Tina believes her role is to create and hold the space for people to make changes in their bodies and, consequently, their lives. She helps facilitate these changes by improving her clients’ body structure and function, which reconnects them with their body. This increased body awareness—and a feeling of strength and stability—can help a person achieve their goals in every area of life.


Tina’s personal experience with Rolfing® SI has caused her to experience growth in her belief patterns, release trauma and increase her physical and spiritual awareness. No matter how you define wellness, Tina can help you discover a path to healthy, happy and whole living.


Outside of bodywork, Tina is passionate about art and the art of creating. She enjoys broom making, brush making and carving green wood into useful items. Playing in the dirt and nurturing plants provides a therapeutic and meditative outlet for Tina, and her neighbors are the lucky recipients of the many flowers and vegetables grown in her large garden.