Raindrop Technique Massage
60 min - $135

Relax and revitalize your body with this unique massage experience, which begins with a gentle foot massage to open the body’s energy pathways. Then therapeutic-grade essential oils are dropped like rain along the spine and gently worked into the back using a special massage technique. This therapy is particularly beneficial to address any muscular strains and issues in the back.
The Raindrop Technique helps bring the body back into structural and energetic alignment. Viruses, bacteria and other toxins can reside along the spine, potentially causing scoliosis and other spinal abnormalities and misalignments. The essential oils applied during a Raindrop Technique massage have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help rid the body of these toxins. It’s a relaxing and non-invasive way to promote healing from within the body while reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, encouraging tissue growth and easing chronic back pain.
The essential oils applied during the massage can continue to detoxify the body up to one week after the treatment. 

Oils Used in a Raindrop Technique Massage


Valor balances the body’s electrical energies and stimulates spinal alignment. Aromatically, it helps empower the physical and spiritual body. Valor is a blend of frankincense, spruce, rosewood and blue tansy.


Thyme supports the immune system. The oil fights bacteria, fungus, infections or viruses that may be held in the tissue, helping to overcome physical fatigue. Aromatically, it uplifts the spirit.


Oregano works with thyme as an immune booster to fight bacteria and viruses. Oregano supports the digestive and respiratory systems. Aromatically, it increases the sense of security.


Cypress stimulates the immune system, supports circulation and enhances the lymphatic system. Aromatically, it influences a sense of grounding.


Wintergreen/Birch relieves discomfort associated with inflammation of bones, muscles and joints. Aromatically, it increases awareness of the sensory system.


Basil calms muscle spasms and stimulates nerves and adrenal glands. Aromatically, it assists in maintaining an open mind.


Peppermint reduces inflammation, assists respiration, and calms and strengthens the nerves. Aromatically, it purifies and stimulates the mind.


Marjoram soothes nerves and relaxes involuntary muscles. Aromatically, it promotes peace and sleep.


Aroma Siez relieves tension of spastic muscles caused by fatigue, stress and sports injuries. It also improves circulation. This oil is a blend of basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint and cypress.


Orthoease relaxes the muscles and reduces stress, arthritic pain and tension.


V-6 Mixing Oil is used to dilute oils to reduce skin sensitivity. It is always used with oregano and thyme. 








The oils used in the Raindrop Massage Technique may have more healing properties than those listed above. Therapeutic-grade oils are highly concentrated and may cause skin sensitivity. The Raindrop Technique is contraindicated for pregnancy or epilepsy. Please inform your practitioner if you have high blood pressure.