SourcePoint Therapy
60 min - $135  |  75 minutes - $145

Many healing modalities utilize the knowledge that the human body is a dense collection of energy that extends several feet around the body.
Science has proven this through quantum physics. On a daily basis our energy fields are providing and gathering information as we interact with other individuals and our environment. We have all experienced times in our life filled with love, vitality and abundance. We have also experienced moments when the body seems to be running on empty or suffering chronic pain and illness, all of which challenge our quality of life. This dis-ease experienced in the body can be due to blockages or a breakdown in energetic communication.

Benefits of SourcePoint

SourcePoint is a non-invasive energetic approach to healing that aims to address these breakdowns in energetic communication. By tapping into a larger universal energy field, SourcePoint reconnects an individual to the blueprint for health, which contains the order, balance, harmony and flow that can affect vitality. The practitioner uses scanning techniques to unearth energy blocks preventing this flow of information. The blockages can then be released through a bodywork therapy (e.g., Rolfing, prenatal massage, therapeutic touch). Recognizing the connection between our physical body and this unique energy field can enhance our innate ability to heal and to thrive.